Nominal Roster of the 13th Tennessee Cavalry, U.S. Army 1863- 1865

Roster of the 13th Tennessee Cavalry

The 13th Tennessee Cavalry was formed based on authority granted by Major General Ambrose E. Burnside, and was mustered into Federal serivce at Strawberry Plains, Knox County, Tennessee between October 28 and November 8, 1863. The regiment mustered out of Federal service at Knoxville on September 5, 1865. The regiment was commanded by Colonel John K. Miller during its existence. Miller represented about the only stability in the officer corps of this unit. Roderick R. Butler, William H. Ingerton, and Barzillah P. Stacy all held the lieutenant colonelcy. Majors were James W. M. Grayson, George W. Doughty, Eli N. Underwood, Joseph H. Wagner, Christopher Columbus Wilcox, Patrick F. Dyer, and Robert H. M. Donnelly. It would appear that at least 1195 men served in the 13th Tennessee Cavalry, divided as follows:
32 men in Field & Staff.
Company A, consisting of 90 men was recruited in Carter County, Tennessee.
Company B with 112 men was also raised in Carter County, Tennessee.
Company C, with 119 men was officered by Carter County, Tennessee residents, but a large portion of the unit came from Mitchell County, North Carolina.
Company D, with 95 men, was enlisted at Greenville, Tennessee, principally of residents of Johnson County, Tennessee, with a few from Greene County.
Company E's 95 men were primarily residents of Greene and Johnson Counties, Tennessee; while Ashe County, North Carolina provided several recruits.
Company F with 99 men was raised in Carter County, Tennessee.
Company G composed of 108 men was raised in Carter and Johnson County, Tennessee.
Company H with 99 men was raised in Carter County, Tennessee
Company I with 103 men was recruited in Johnson County, Tennessee, with some from Washington County, and a large number from Ashe County, North Carolina.
Company K with 101 men was raised in Washington and Johnson County, Tennessee.
Company L with 81 men joined the regiment on April 11, 1864 at Nashville. Members of the company were from Union, Carter, Jefferson, Greene, and Johnson Counties, with significant numbers from North Carolina.
Company M's 67 men were from Johnson, Carter, Sullivan and Washington Counties, and about 20 were from North Carolina and Virginia.

The 13th Tennessee Cavalry saw limited action during the first year of its existence. In the late summer of 1864, however, the regiment was pressed into active field service. The regiment skimished the Brigadier General John C. Vaughn's East Tennessee (Confederate) Brigade on several occasions, and participated in the abortive column sent to support General Stephen Burbridge's October 2, 1864 raid on Saltville, when the Confederates soundly defeated the Federals at Bull's Gap. Subsequent fighting in November also resulted in defeat for the Federals.

In December, 1864, however, General George Stoneman replace Burbridge in operational control of forces in the area. Stoneman was a more agreeable commander for most of the Federals, increasing their morale, supply situation, and overall esprit de corps. The Confederates, on the other hand, had moved many of the men defending the saltworks at Saltville to the Shenandoah Valley and Richmond in the interim. In mid December 1864, General Stoneman led a raid, including the 13th Tennessee Cavalry on the important mines and railroad in southwest Virginia, and succeeded in wrecking the Saltville saltworks, and destroying iron forges in Smyth County, and shops in Wytheville, and eventually the Lead mines in Wythe County, Virginia.

The remainder of the winter of 1864-65 was spent in quarters, and occasionally chasing the remnants of John Vaughn's Confederate Brigade. The next active campaign, the last of the war, was again with Stoneman, through Watauga County, North Carolina, into Wilkes County, into Surry, and back into Southwest Virginia. The war was basically over, and little of military importance was accomplished on Stoneman's last raid.

Adams, Harvey, Co. D
Aldridge, William A., Co. G
Allen, Avery C., Co. K
Allen, Daniel S. N., Co. A
Allen, James R., Co. D
Alvis, William, Co. K
Anderson, Calvin, Co. K
Anderson, George, Cook, Co. D
Anderson, James H., Co. B
Anderson, Martin D., Co. K
Anderson, Riley, Co. E
Anderson, Watson, Co. M
Angel, George H., Co. G
Angel, James R., Co. G
Angel, Samuel P., Adjutant, F&S/1st Lt., Co. G
Appleberry, Thomas, Co. K
Archer, Isaac, Co. H
Arnold, Alexander, Co. F
Arnold, Aquilla, Corp., Co. M
Arnold, Calvin M., 1st Lt., Co. D
Arnold, John, Co. F
Arnold, William C., 1st Sgt., Co. F
Arrendell, Melvin, Co. I
Arrendell, William, 2nd Lt., Co. I
Arrowood, James, Co. L
Arwood, John, Co. K
Ashe, Fielding E., Co. H
Ashley, Benjami, Co. A
Ayers, Elbona, Sgt., Co. M
Ayers, William, Sgt., Co. M
Badgett, Joseph H. P., Co. G
Badgett, Nathaniel T., Co. G
Bailey, Calvin, Co. B
Bailey, John, Co. F
Baker, Daniel B., blacksmith, Co. G
Baker, Jesse W., Co. K
Baker, John K., Co. G
Baker, John L., Corp., Co. H
Ballard, Anthony, Cook, Co. H
Barlow, Thomas J., Co. I
Barmore, Jasper, Co. B
Barry, James H., Sgt., Co. E
Barry, Peter L., 2nd Lt., Co. E
Barry, Thomas J., Capt., Co. E
Barry, William M., Sgt., Co. E
Barton, Harrison M., Co. C
Basil, John, Sgt., Co. K
Bean, Baxter, Sgt., Co. L
Beckerdite, Webster,, Co. G
Bennett, Christopher C., Sgt., Co. B
Bennett, Eli H., Co. B
Bennett, John W., Co. B
Bennett, Nathan, Corp., Co. B
Bishop, Elbert, Sgt., Co. I
Bishop, William M., blacksmith, Co. G
Black, William, Co. C
Blackburn, Larkin P., Co. D/Asst. Surgeon, F&S
Blankenbeckler, J. M., Co. D
Blevins, Christian E., Co. E
Blevins, Dillon, Co. F
Blevins, George, Co. A
Blevins, John, Co. F
Blevins, John W., Co. C
Blevins, Mathew, Co. E
Blevins, Reuben, Co. F
Bogus, George, Cook, Co. D
Boles, Jesse, Co. H
Bone, John D., Co. E
Boren, Abraham, Co. L
Boren, David C., Co. H
Boren, John C., Co. H
Borrow, Alexander, Sadler, Co. K
Bowers, David T., Co. A
Bowers, Jonathan H., Corp., Co. L
Bowers, Peter N., Co. A
Bowman, Andrew J., Co. A
Bowman, Joseph, Co. D
Boyd, Andrew, Co. B
Bradfute, Hazle A. C., Co. D
Bradley, Blacksmith, Co. F
Braswell, William, Corp., Co. L
Breedlove, Lewis J., Co. D
Brison, William V., Saddler, Co. L
Britt, Henderson, Co. H
Brockers, William K., Co. B
Brooks, John, Jr., Co. B
Brooks, John, Sr., Co. B
Brown, Alexander, Co. D
Brown, Thomas, Cook, Co. L
Broyles, Dick, Cook, Co. E
Bryant, Allen M., Sgt., Co. B
Bryant, James S., Co. I
Bryant, Nathan, Co. B
Buchanan, Aaron, Corp., Co. C
Buchanan, Alexander, Corp., Co. C
Buchanan, Arter, Co. C
Buchanan, David M., Co. C
Buchanan, Joseph M., Co. C
Buchanan, Marvil G., Co. C
Buchanan, Stephen, Co. C
Buchanan, William, 1st Sgt., Co. C
Buchanan, William B., Co. C
Buchanan, William, Co. C
Buck, David L., Sgt., Co. C
Buck, Nathaniel T., Co. C
Buck, Thomas Y., Co. C
Buckles, William, Sgt., Co. F
Bumgardner, David, Co. I
Burchfield, John, Co. B
Burchfield, John G., Co. G
Burchfield, Thomas, Co. B
Burlism, Mack, Co. B
Burlison, Greenbury, Co. B
Burlison, Joseph M., Co. C
Burlison, Oliver, Co. B
Burlison, Thomas, Co. C
Burlison, William A., Co. C
Burton, Hiram, Co. E
Butler, Henry, Co. B
Butler, John, Co. B
Butler, Oliver C., Co. D
Butler, Oliver C., Saddler Sgt., F&S
Butler, Richard H., Co. D
Butler, Roderick R., Lt. Col., F&S
Butler, William, Co. B
Butterworth, Charles E., Sgt., Co. F
Byrant, Henry A., Co. K
Byrd, Carson, Corp., Co. B
Byrd, Lace, Co. B
Cable, Richard, Co. G
Calaway, William H., Co. C
Caldwell, Archibald, Co. H
Cameron, James M., Asst. Surgeon, F&S
Campbell, Andrew, 1st Lt., Co. E
Campbell, Andrew, Sgt., Co. G
Campbell, George F., Co. G
Campbell, Henderson, Co. C
Campbell, Henry, Co. B
Campbell, John, Co. G
Campbell, John J., Co. B
Campbell, Joseph, Co. B
Campbell, Joseph P., Co. E
Campbell, Nathaniel T., Co. G
Campbell, Samuel, Co. B
Campbell, William A., Co. C
Campbell, William R., blacksmith, Co. H
Campbell, William R., Co. G
Cannon, Elbert, Co. B
Canter, William H., Co. I
Caraway, William, Co. C
Carden, Ancil C., Co. A
Carden, Kinchelo, Co. A
Carden, Landon C., Co. G
Carman, Elbert, Co. L
Carner, Arnold F., Corp., Co. M
Carpenter, Joshua, Co. I
Carr, Alfred, Co. H
Carr, Andrew C., Co. H
Carriger, Allen T. C., Sgt., Co. F
Carriger, Isaac R., Corp., Co. F
Carriger, Joel N., Co. A
Carroll, Alexander, Co. D
Carroll, Isaac H., Co. D
Carroll, Jacob W., Co. D
Carter, Landon, Capt., Co. H
Carter, Simon, Cook, Co. E
Carter, Thomas, Co. M
Carver, James H., Co. B
Carver, John, Co. B
Carver, John W., Co. C
Cash, Amos K., Farrier, Co. B
Casida, William D., Sgt., Co. H
Cassida, James, Co. M
Cates, George W., Co. L
Catron, George R., Co. K
Catron, Samuel S., Co. K
Catron, William, Co. K
Cawood, Francis M., Co. C
Chambers, David T., Co. A
Chandler, William G., Co. K
Chapell, Franklin, QM Sgt., Co. D
Charles, Bowman, Sgt., Co. K
Cheek, David, Co. G
Cheek, Richard, Co. G
Chesser, Wilson, Co. L
Church, Jesse C., Sgt., Co. M
Clark, Samuel C., Co. C
Clark, Thomas, Co. G
Clark, William L., Corp., Co. F
Clawson, William, Co. E
Clemens, Benjamin, Co. A
Clemens, Henry, Co. L
Clemons, Henry T., Co. H
Clinton, James, Co. B
Cloud, Terrell, Co. C
Cochran, John, Co. B
Coffee, Harrison, Co. B
Coffee, Russell, Co. B
Colbaugh, Granville, Co. H
Cole, Benjamin F., Co. L
Cole, John R., Co. E
Collins, Gilson O., Capt., Co. M
Colvard, Charles H., Corp., Co. L
Conkling, James H., RQM, F&S
Conner, Isaiah, Co. E
Constable, Jacob, Co. E
Cook, Thomas, Co. M
Cooper, Andrew J., Co. C
Copely, William H., Co. A
Copley, David, Co. K
Cornutt, David E., Co. G
Cornutt, Isaac, Corp., Co. I
Correll, Hiram, Co. B
Cotter, Thomas, Co. K
Cox, James H., RCS, F&S
Cox, James H., Co. K
Cox, Nathan W., Co. G
Crabtree, John, Co. K
Crannels, Levi A., Co. L
Creed, George W., Sgt., Co. F
Cress, Daniel N., Sgt., Co. D
Crooks, James W., Corp., Co. I
Crosswhite, Abram L., Hospital Steward, F&S
Crosswhite, Abram L., Co. I
Crow, John C., Co. A
Crow, THomas, Co. F
Crutchfield, Hiram A., Co. A
Curd, James, Corp., Co. E
Cutshaw, Anderson, Co. K
Cutshaw, Henry, Co. K
Davis, Aden, Co. C
Davis, Brownlow, Co. C
Davis, Clay, Co. C
Davis, Ephraim A., Co. E
Davis, Hampton L., Co. D
Davis, Jackson, Cook, Co. L
Davis, John A., Co. I
Davis, John J., Co. K
Davis, John P., Co. C
Davis, William, Corp., Co. F
Deal, Joseph A., Co. C
DeLoach, James, Co. A
Dempsey, Larkin T., Co. H
Dempsey, William H. H., Corp., Co. H
Dervin, John G., Capt., Co. K
DeWeese, Greenville, Co. A
Dickinson, Calvin J., Co. B
Dinkinis, John, Co. I
Dinkins, Alexander, Co. E
Dinsmore, Samuel, Co. L
Ditmore, Caleb S., Co. L
Dixon, Charles B., Co. C
Dixon, Nathaniel A., Sgt., Co. L
Donnelly, Alfred T., Capt., Co. D
Donnelly, Alfred T., Sgt. Major, F&S
Donnelly, Robert H. M., Major, F&S
Donnelly, Robert H. M., Capt., Co. D
Dooley, Charles, Co. K
Doolittle, Frank M., Co. C
Doran, Michael, Sgt., Co. B
Dossett, William, Co. K
Doughterty, John H., Co. E
Doughty, George W., Major, F&S
Douglas, James, Co. A
Dowell, James E., Co. G
Dowell, John L., Co. G
Duffield, Landon, Co. F
Dugger, James A., Corp., Co. A
Dugger, John F., Co. G
Dugger, Thomas A., Sgt., Co. A
Dugger, William H., Co. E
Dugger, William H., Co. A
Dunbar, William, Co. E
Dunn, Emanuel, Co. E
Dunn, Godfrey B., Co. F
Dunn, Henry, Co. F
Dunn, Jacob W., Co. F
Dunn, John L., Co. F
Dunn, Umberson, Co. M
Dunn, William, Co. D
Dyer, Patrick, Capt., Co. B
Dyer, Patrick F., Major, F&S
Eastridge, Hiram, Co. K
Eastridge, John, Corp., Co. E
Eastridge, William, Co. E
Edwards, Samuel, Co. B
Eggers, Cleveland, Co. D
Eggers, Landrine, Co. D
Elberson, John C., Corp., Co. I
Elkins, Joseph, Co. B
Eller, Jacob, Co. D
Elliott, Hezekiah T., Co. I
Elliott, John G., QM Sgt., Co. I
Elliott, Michael, Co. B
Elliott, William H., Co. F
Ellis, Daniel, Capt., Co. A
Ellis, John W., Capt., Co. L
Elroy, James, Co. A
Emmert, Caleb M., 2nd Lt., Co. H
Emmert, George W., 2nd Lt., Co. C
Emmert, William C., Co. H
English, Norris B., Co. H
Estep, James, Co. C
Estep, Samuel M., Saddler, Co. A
Estridge, Andrew, Corp., Co. E
Fagan, William J., Co. M
Fair, William C., Co. H
Farmer, David S., Blacksmith, Co. L
Farmer, James, Co. I
Farmer, John C., Co. I
Farris, Lewis W., Corp., Co. I
Ferguson, Benjamin B., 1st Lt., Co. F
Flannery, Joseph, Co. E
Floyd, William, Co. E
Folsom, Landon C., Co. G
Folsom, William H., Corp., Co. G
Fondrin, Andrew C., 1st Lt., Co. M
Forbes, Abraham, Co. B
Forbis, Daniel K., QM Sgt., Co. B
Ford, John S., Co. E
Forester, Andrew, Co. M
Forester, Andrew J., Co. F
Forester, James, Co. M
Forester, John, Co. F
Forester, John, Co. I
Forester, Samuel, Co. M
Forester, Thomas, Co. M
Forester, William, Co. M
Foster, Asa, Co. F
Foster, Canady F., Co. K
Foster, David F., Co. K
Foster, Joseph, Co. C
Foster, Nathaniel C., Co. M
Foust, James, Co. H
Fox, William, Co. G
France, Robert, Co. L
Franklin, General H., 1st Lt., Co. C
Franklin, Isaac D., Co. C
Franklin, Levi A., Co. C
Frasier, Alexander D., 2nd Lt., Co. B
Frasier, David C., Co. B
Frasier, Jacob, Corp., Co. B
Frasier, James H., Co. B
Frasier, John W., 1st Sgt., Co. B
Frasier, John W., Jr., Sgt., Co. B
Freels, James N., 1st Lt., Co. H
Freeman, Lewis R., Co. E
French, Wright, Co. H
Friddles, Moses S., Artificer, Co. M
Fritts, Alexander, Co. I
Fritts, David M., Co. D
Fry, Evan, Co. K
Fry, Thomas J., Co. G
Fulks, Luner, Co. C
Fulps, James M., Co. K
Galaway, Jesse D., Corp., Co. K
Gambill, John, Blacksmith, Co. M
Gambill, William B., blacksmith, Co. F
Garland, Benjamin F., Co. L
Garland, Christly R., Sgt., Co. B
Garland, Elisha, Corp., Co. B
Garland, Gooch, Co. B
Garland, Jesse, Co. E
Garland, John, Corp., Co. L
Garland, Joseph E., Sgt., Co. B
Garland, Lewis, Sgt., Co. E
Garland, Samuel, Co. E
Garland, William J., Co. B
Garrett, Thomas H., Co. L
Garrett, William, Co. L
Garrison, Milton S., Co. G
Gentry, Andrew M., Sgt., Co. I
Gentry, Ephraim, Co. L
Gentry, James A., Corp., Co. A
Gentry, Lewis L., Corp., Co. L
Gentry, Malon, Sgt., Co. D
Gentry, William, Co. L
Gibbs, Franklin, blacksmith, Co. C
Gibson, John, Co. H
Gillem, John, Blacksmith, Co. B
Gillian, William S., Sgt., Co. K
Gillias, William W., Corp., Co. K
Gillispie, Tire D., Corp., Co. G
Gleen, Joseph, Cook, Co. I
Glover, John, Co. A
Glover, Richard, Co. A
Goforth, Miles A., Co. L
Good, David, Co. M
Goodpasture, Logan, Cook, Co. F
Goodwin, James M., Co. G
Goodwin, Lawson L., Co. G
Goodwin, William A., Co. G
Goss, Marion, 1st Sgt., Co. D
Gouge, Daniel, Co. E
Gourley, Thomas, Co. C
Grace, George A., Sgt. Major, F&S
Grace, George A., 1st Sgt., Co. F
Grace, Joseph A., Co. I
Gray, John, Co. H
Graybeal, David, Co. E
Graybeal, Eli H., Co. E
Graybeal, William, Co. E
Grayson, James W. M., Major, F&S
Green, Athen, Co. C
Green, Isaac, Co. E
Green, Joseph, Co. C
Green, Joseph, Corp., Co. G
Green, Marvel, Co. C
Green, Shaderick, Co. B
Green, Starling P., Co. C
Green, Thomas, Co. C
Green, Thomas S., Co. C
Greenway, George W., Co. H
Greenway, James K., Co. H
Greenway, William, Co. H
Greenwell, John, Co. I
Greer, Andrew, Co. I
Greer, John, Co. I
Greer, Zachariah, Co. D
Greever, David A., Corp., Co. E
Gregg, Zachariah T., Co. L
Grigston, James M., Co. D
Grindstaff, Elijah, Co. G
Grindstaff, Isaac, Co. G
Grindstaff, Isaac, Co. B
Grogan, Elijah, Co. I
Grogan, Henry, Co. I
Grogan, Isaac, Co. I
Gross, Richard, Co. B
Guilbert, Finley, Co. B
Gwinn, Calvin, Co. H
Gwinn, David, Co. C
Hall, Pleasant H., Co. I
Hamer, Henry H., 1st Lt., Co. L
Hamilton, Thomas, Co. K
Hammett, Samuel, Co. H
Hampton, Daniel, Co. C
Hampton, Elbert, Co. A
Hampton, William, Co. A
Hankleroad, William H., Sgt., Co. C
Harden, Eli, Co. A
Harden, Elijah D., Co. A
Harden, Elijah D., Co. L
Harden, John H., Co. F
Harden, John W., Co. A
Harmon, Andrew J., Sgt., Co. E
Harmon, Hugh C., Co. E
Harmon, John H., Co. L
Harp, WIlliam, Corp., Co. M
Harris, James A., Corp., Co. D
Harrison, Joseph W., Co. E
Harrold, Simon, Sgt., Co. M
Hart, Christly C., Co. H
Hart, Franklin, Co. K
Hart, Peter E., Sgt., Co. H
Harvill, James H., Co. B
Hately, John F., blacksmith, Co. E
Hately, Riley B., Corp., Co. E
Hately, Wyley S., Sgt., Co. E
Hatton, Warren A., Co. E
Hawkins, Alfred, Co. D
Hawkins, Landon H., Sgt., Co. D
Hawkins, Plesants, Co. L
Hays, James L., Co. H
Hays, Robert, Co. E
Headerick, Charles, Sgt., Co. A
Headerick, John W., Corp., Co. A
Heatherby, Godfrey N., Corp., Co. H
Heaton, Murphy, Co. M
Heaton, William, Co. M
Heaton, William J., Co. B
Heck, Hiram C., Co. F
Heck, Jordan, Co. E
Heck, Jordan J., Co. E
Heck, Jordan J., Blacksmith, F&S
Hegan, Wilson N., Co. H
Helford, Daniel, Co. H
Hensley, James, Co. K
Hensley, Logan, Co. K
Hensley, William, Co. K
Hice, Robert, Co. M
Higgins, Joseph, Co. K
Hill, Albert, Co. C
Hill, Taylor, Corp., Co. B
Hilliard, James R., Co. I
Hilton, Martin L., Corp., Co. K
Hilton, Pleasant, Co. K
Hobbs, James H., Surgeon, F&S
Hobbs, Joseph H., Co. C
Hoddigree, David, Co. K
Hodge, Berges G., Co. C
Hodge, Waitsell, Co. C
Hodge, William R., Co. A
Hodges, Hillery J., Co. E
Hodges, Rowland, Sgt., Co. K
Holden, James j., Co. M
Holder, Richard, Co. G
Holder, William B., Saddler, Co. B
Holloway, Ferguson, Co. K
Holly, John, Corp., Co. C
Holman, Andrew, Co. G
Holman, James, Co. G
Holman, John, Co. H
Honeycut, Garrett, 1st Sgt., Co. B
Honeycut, James M., Co. E
Honeycut, John M., 1st Lt., Co. B
Honeycut, Lafayette, Co. B
Honeycut, William B., 1st Lt., Co. B
Hopkins, William B., Corp., Co. M
Hoss, James H., Co. C
Housley, Harrison H., Co. F
Howard, George J., Co. M
Howard, Joseph, Co. M
Howard, William H., Sgt., Co. I
Howell, Winfield S., Co. H
Hughes, Charles, Co. C
Hughes, Evans, Co. B
Hughes, John, Co. C
Hults, Thomas, Co. L
Humphreys, John S., Sgt., Co. G
Humphreys, William J., Corp., Co. G
Huntley, Isaac A., Sgt., Co. C
Hurd, William R., Co. I
Hutson, Benjamin, Co. L
Hyder, John L., Co. C
Hyder, William F. M., 2nd Lt., Co. K
Hyder, William P., Co. A
Hynes, Francis, Co. K
Ingram, Samuel, Co. B
Iron, James S., Co. M
Irvin, Alfred, Co. B
Jackson, Henry, Corp., Co. F
Jackson, James C., Co. G
Jackson, John L., Co. F
Jackson, Morris G., Co. F
James, Thomas M., Co. C
Jarvis, George W., Co. E
Jenkins, Andrew W., Corp., Co. M
Jenkins, David B., Capt., Co. C
Jenkins, Hugh, Co. A
Jenkins, Jesse C., Co. D
Jenkins, William, Co. A
Jenkins, William D., Co. C
Jennings, Allan, Co. G
Johnson, Albert M., Corp., Co. C
Johnson, Carter, Co. B
Johnson, Drewry, Blacksmith, Co. D
Johnson, Francis, Co. B
Johnson, Harrison H., blacksmith, Co. C
Johnson, John, Co. B
Johnson, John G., Co. E
Johnson, Moses, Co. B
Johnson, Richard, Co. D
Johnson, William, Blacksmith, Co. D
Jonacan, Shadrack, Co. M
Jones, Henry B., Co. K
Jones, Henry T., Co. F
Jones, James, Co. G
Jones, John B., Co. L
Jones, John, Co. B
Jones, John, Co. G
Jones, John W., Co. L
Jones, Joshua, Co. L
Jones, William C., Corp., Co. L
Jones, William, Co. C
Jones, William H., C.C. Sgt., Co. C
Jonigan, James, Co. K
Kellis, James H., Co. H
Kelly, William C., Co. M
Kilby, William E., Co. I
King, Landon, Co. C
King, Rufus, Co. E
Kinnick, Hamilton H., 1st Sgt., Co. G
Kirby, Robert C., Sgt., Co. K
Kite, Alfred C., Co. D
Kite, Alvin, Co. I
Kite, Alvin N. D., Co. A
Kite, William H. H., Corp., Co. I
Knipe, Zephaniah, Corp., Co. B
Lacy, James P., Co. C
Lane, Benjamin, saddler, Co. H
Lawes, Joseph, Co. F
Laws, Isaac, Co. F
Lawson, Francis M., Co. H
Lawson, James, Co. H
Leach, Madison, Co. L
Ledford, Green B., Co. B
Ledford, John, Co. L
Lefler, Charles, 2nd Lt., Co. D
Lefler, Charles, R. C. S. Sgt., F&S
Leonard, Newell, Co. H
Leonard, William, Co. L
Lester, John C., Co. B
Lethgo, Henry, Co. I
Lewis, David J., Co. A
Lewis, Ephraim, Co. F
Lewis, Frederick, Co. B
Lewis, Gideon, Co. A
Lewis, Isaac, CC Sgt., Co. A
Lewis, James C. J., Sgt., Co. I
Lewis, James F. M., Co. F
Lewis, James, Teamster, Co. K
Lewis, Samuel B., Sgt., Co. L
Lineback, Henry, Corp., Co. C
Linville, Harmon, Co. D
Linville, John, Co. D
Lipford, Lewis D., Co. G
Lipps, George K., Co. C
Little, George W., 1st Sgt., Co. H
Litz, Wiley B., Co. M
Livinginston, George, Co. L
Livingston, George, Chief Bugler, F&S
Livingston, John, Co. L
Livingston, Murray, Corp., Co. L
Livingston, Samuel B., Co. L
Loudermilk, George, Co. C
Loudermilk, James, Co. H
Loveless, John, Co. A
Lovens, John A., Co. K
Loves, Joseph, Co. K
Lowe, George J., Corp., Co. F
Lowe, Jacob, Co. D
Lowe, James B., Co. D
Lowe, John A., Co. F
Lowe, John E., Co. D
Lowe, William, Corp., Co. D
Lowe, William H., Co. F
Lunceford, James, Co. E
Lunceford, James E., Co. E
Lunceford, John F., Co. E
Luttrell, George W., 1st Lt., Co. M
Lyles, William B., Co. D
Lyon, Landon, Corp., Co. H
Lype, Thomas, Co. K
Lype, Wiley, Co. K
Madron, Francis M., Co. I
Madron, George W., Co. I
Madron, John M., Co. D
Madron, Lawson, Co. D
Madron, Lawson, Hospital Steward, F&S
Madron, William A., Co. D
Main, Calvin, Co. I
Main, John, Co. I
Main, Sydney, C.S. Sgt., Co. I
Malone, Andrew J., Co. H
Malone, Thomas W., Co. H
Maloney, Patrick, Co. H
Mann, James, Co. K
Markland, James, Co. B
Markland, John, Co. I
Markland, Nelson J., Co. F
Markland, William B., Co. B
Marr, Andrew J., Co. M
Martin, Alexander, Co. I
Martin, David, Co. I
Martin, Franklin, Co. A
Mason, Henry H., Co. I
Masoner, Andrew, Co. K
Massey, Henry, Co. F
Matherly, Alexander, Co. A
Matherly, James, Co. A
Matherly, William, Co. A
Mathews, Andrew, Co. H
Mathison, Henry H., blacksmith, Co. F
Mathison, John C., Sgt., Co. F
Matlock, William H., Surgeon, F&S
May, Jefferson, Co. I
May, Washington, Co. I
McAllister, Zachariah T., Co. H
McCann, WIlliam W., C.S. Sgt., Co. G
McClary, James, Co. L
McCloud, Alfred, Co. G
McCloud, James, Co. I
McCloud, Joseph, Corp., Co. G
McCloud, Tennessee, Co. I
McCorcle, John J., QM Sgt., Co. H
McCoy, Hiram H., Co. E
McCoy, William, Co. E
McCullough, James, Sgt., Co. K
McElyea, George W., Co. F
McElyea, John, Co. F
McElyea, Landon, Co. F
McElyea, Larkin, Co. F
McGuire, James K., Corp., Co. I
McGuire, John, Co. M
McInturf, Clayton, Corp., Co. B
McInturf, Laban W., Co. H
McInturf, Nathan K., Co. D
McInturf, William H., Co. L
McKinney, Joseph P., Co. A
McKinney, Waitsell, Co. C
McKinney, William, Co. C
McKinney, Wilson, Blacksmith, Co. A
McNabb, David C., C.S. Sgt., Co. L
McNabb, James K. P., Co. D
McQueen, Alexander H., Co. G
McQueen, James K., Co. E
McQueen, John C., 1st Sgt., Co. M
McQueen, John G., Co. L
McQueen, Samuel E., 1st Sgt., Co. E
McQueen, William M., Co. G
McQueen, William M., Capt., Co. L
Mercer, John A., Co. K
Meredith, John, Co. C
Messick, John Q., Co. G
Miles, George W., Co. F
Millard, Levi, Corp., Co. C
Millard, Robert R., Co. H
Miller, Abraham, Co. C
Miller, Bayless A., Capt., Co. F
Miller, Baylus A., 1st Lt., Co. B
Miller, Franklin M., Co. D
Miller, George A., 2nd Lt., Co. B
Miller, Henry, Co. A
Miller, James, Co. C
Miller, Jeremiah B., 1st Lt., Co. H
Miller, John K., Col., F&S
Miller, Marquis D. L., QM Sgt., Co. G
Miller, Robert A., Sgt., Co. D
Miller, Thomas A. R., Corp., Co. A
Miller, William H., Corp., Co. D
Miller, William H., Co. C
Mink, William, Co. F
Minton, Rufus, Co. L
Mitchell, William A., Co. L
Monday, Charles R., Sgt., Co. H
Monday, Clinton, Co. M
Moody, Benjamin, Co. A
Moody, Francis M., Co. A
Moody, Isaac W., Co. A
Moore, Andrew J., Co. K
Moore, Robert P., Co. B
Moore, Thomas J., Co. H
Morefield, Alexander, Co. F
Morefield, Daniel, Co. F
Morefield, Hamilton C., Co. D
Morefield, John R., Corp., Co. D
Morefield, Landon, Co. D
Morgan, Abner T., Co. G
Morrell, Marshall, Corp.,, Co. A
Morrell, William R., Co. A
Morris, Elijah J., Co. F
Morrison, John H., Co. B
Morton, Alexander, Co. A
Morton, David N., Co. B
Moseley, Reuben, Co. A
Moses, Maston, Co. K
Moss, David, Co. K
Moye, Henry, Co. G
Mulican, Eli W., 1st Sgt., Co. I
Musgrave, Isaac L., Co. I
Musgrave, William G., Co. I
Musgraves, John, Waggoner, Co. I
Myers, Allen T. C., Co. F
Myers, Moses R., Corp., Co. F
Nance, Richard L., Corp., Co. D
Nancy, John, Co. K
Nave, Abraham, Sgt., Co. A
Nave, Daniel S., 1st Lt., Co. A
Nave, Henry T., Co. A
Nave, Isaac N., Co. A
Nave, Mark, Blacksmith, Co. A
Nave, Pleasant G., Co. A
Neely, William B., Co. E
Nelson, John P., Sgt. Major., F&S
Nelson, John P., 1st Sgt., Co. F
Nelson, John P., 1st Sgt., Co. L
Nelson, Lipps, Co. F
Nelson, Philip P. C., RCS, F&S
Newberry, Isaac, Co. B
Newberry, Thomas, Co. B
Newland, Kennard C., Co. G
Nichols, James T., Co. G
Nidiffer, Elihue, Co. L
Nidiffer, William D., Co. F
Noland, Dennis, Co. H
Norris, Franklin, Co. E
Norris, Jacob H., Co. E
Norris, James P., Co. D
Northington, Hector C., 1st Lt., Co. I
Northington, Samuel E., Capt., Co. I
O'Brien, Patrick, Co. H
Oaks, Nehemiah P., Sgt., Co. C
Oliver, David, Co. A
Oliver, George, Co. A
Oliver, James, Co. A
Oliver, John, Co. H
Osborn, Alfred, Co. E
Osborn, Avis, Co. G
Osborn, Caleb, Co. G
Osborn, David, Co. G
Osborn, George, Co. I
Osborn, Noah, Co. E
Osborn, William W., Co. G
Owens, David, Co. D
Pardue, Joel, Co. G
Parker, Jonathan L., Corp., Co. E
Parriner, Samuel D., Co. B
Parrott, Daniel H., Co. K
Parsons, Isaac, Corp., Co. E
Payne, George M., Co. E
Payne, James H., Corp., Co. A
Payne, James J., Co. K
Payne, James O., Co. K
Payne, John M., C.S. Sgt., Co. E
Payne, William L., Corp., Co. K
Payne, Zebulon, Co. E
Pearce, James W., Sgt., Co. G
Peltier, Anthony, Co. K
Peltier, Lycurgus, Co. K
Peltier, Lycurgus, R. C. Sgt., F&S
Perkins, Jacob F., Co. G
Persinger, James E., C.S. Sgt., Co. H
Peters, Benjamin H.., Sgt., Co. A
Peters, David, QM Sgt., Co. L
Peters, Thomas H., Co. A
Peters, William, Co. L
Pharr, David, Co. A
Pharr, Jonathan H., Co. A
Phillippi, Peter, QM Sgt., Co. E
Phillips, Eli, Co. A
Phillips, Jesse S., Co. C
Phillips, William F., Co. D
Phipps, (Fipps) Peter, Co. M
Pierce, David, Co. F
Pierce, Henry C., Co. A
Pierce, Henry, Co. B
Pierce, Jared M., Co. F
Pierce, Lewis M., Co. A
Pippins, Pinkney, Co. K
Pitman, Andrew, Co. L
Pitman, George W., Co. F
Pitman, Reuben, Co. C
Pitman, William, Co. C
Pleasant, James M., Co. F
Pleasant, Joseph G., Sgt., Co. F
Poe, Jesse, Co. B
Poor, Alexander, Co. F
Poor, Thomas, Co. C
Potter, David R., Co. C
Potter, Jacob, Co. I
Potter, John O., Co. I
Potter, Noah J., Co. E
Potter, Reuben, Co. I
Potter, Shaderick, Co. I
Potter, Thomas B., Sgt., Co. L
Powell, John H., Co. G
Powell, Smith, Co. D
Powell, William, Co. M
Presnell, James B., Co. C
Pressley, Elijah, Co. D
Preston, John M., Co. K
Price, Franklin, Co. D
Price, James P., Co. D
Price, John A., Co. D
Price, Solomon, Co. G
Price, Timothy, Co. I
Price, William, Co. G
Price, Zachariah, Co. I
Proffitt, Fielding, Co. M
Proffitt, Godfrey D., Co. D
Proffitt, James C., Co. M
Proffitt, John H., Co. M
Proffitt, John W., Co. M
Pruitt, George W., Co. C
Pruitt, William, Co. C
Pruitt, William R., Co. C
Pruitt, Willis, Co. C
Pugh, Zachery T., Co. D
Pullem, Henry, Co. L
Raider, Isaac, Co. H
Randolph, Patterson, Sgt., Co. C
Rankins, John T., Co. E
Rash, Joseph, Co. I
Rash, Thomas J., Co. I
Ratcliff, Stephen, Co. K
Reese, Balaam, Cook, Co. G
Reese, Hugh, Co. I
Reese, Isaac V., Co. E
Reese, James, Co. E
Reese, John C., Co. E
Reese, John, Co. E
Remine, Lindley M. L., Co. G
Rhodes, Ashibel, Co. L
Rhodes, Charles, Sgt., Co. L
Rhodes, Mathew, Blacksmith, Co. K
Rice, Jesse S., C.S. Sgt., Co. K
Rice, William J., Co. K
Richie, James P., Sgt., Co. F
Riddle, Lafayette A., Co. K
Rigsby, Calbert, Corp., Co. K
Riker, Jacob, 1st Sgt., Co. K
Riker, Martin L., Corp., Co. K
Riley, Andrew, Co. A
Roberts, Alexander, Co. B
Roberts, Daniel F., Co. D
Roberts, David F., Co. C
Roberts, George D., RQM, F&S
Roberts, George D., Co. G
Roberts, Michael, Co. L
Roberts, Wiley, Co. D.
Robinson, John, Co. F
Robinson, Moses P., Co. H
Robinson, Thomas, Co. D
Rockhold, Diamond, Co. H
Roe, Calvin, Co. H
Roe, James, Co. D
Roe, John W., Co. D
Rogers, John, Co. M
Roland, John M., blacksmith, Co. E
Rollins, James M., Co. K
Rosenbaum, James, Co. I
Rosenbaum, John, Co. I
Roten, Jacob, Co. G
Roten, John, Co. E
Rowls, Melmoth, Sgt., Co. M
Runnels, John, Co. G
Runyon, Thomas L., Co. L
Russell, John, Co. K
Ryers, James A., Co. M
Sampsell, John, Co. E
Sampson, Bedford C., Co. L
Sams, Marion, Co. H
Sanders, Henry, Co. M
Saylor, David, Corp., Co. G
Saylor, Henry H., Co. G
Scalf, James L., Co. H
Scalf, William J., Co. H

Scarbrough, James, Co. H
Scott, George, Co. F
Scott, Lorenza D., QM Sgt., Co. H
Scott, Samuel W., Adjutant, F&S
Scott, Samuel W., Capt., Co. G
Scott, William T. L., Co. L
Seay, William, Co. K
Sells, Andrew, Co. A
Settles, John C., Co. K
Sexton, Elijah P., Co. K
Sheffield, William M., QM Sgt., Co. M
Shell, Alfred, Co. H
Shell, Elkana, Co. H
Shell, James, Corp., Co. H
Shell, John G., Corp., Co. G
Shell, Robert P., Corp., Co. H
Shepard, John W., Co. L
Shinault, William, Co. F
Shoun, Andrew G., 1st Sgt., Co. L
Shoun, David F., Co. D
Shoun, Elihu A., Co. D
Shoun, Isaac A., Corp., Co. D
Shoun, Isaac F., C.S. Sgt., Co. D
Shoun, James W., Co. M
Shuffield, Jmaes L., Corp., Co. G
Shuffield, John, Co. G
Shuffield, William E., Sgt., Co. G
SHuffield, Daniel, Co. G
Shull, William H., Blacksmith, Co. L
Sides, William, Co. K
Simerly, George, Co. A
Sims, Henry, Co. A
Sims, Jackson, Co. A
Sizemore, George, Co. C
Slimp, David J., Co. M
Slimp, Frederick, Capt., Co. F
Slimp, William H., Co. G
Sloan, Clifford, Co. B
Smith, Alexander S., Co. C
Smith, David, Co. L
Smith, James F., Co. G
Smith, James W., Co. L
Smith, Jere, Sgt., , Co. F
Smith, Nathaniel T., Corp., Co. G
Smith, Robert L., Sgt., Co. A
Smith, Samuel E., Corp., Co. A
Smith, Solomon, Co. I
Smith, William B. C., RQM, F&S
Smith, William B. C., Sgt., Co. G
Smith, William, Co. I
Smythe, John H., Co. E
Snyder, Alexander, Co. D
Snyder, Alexander M., QM Sgt., Co. I
Snyder, Andrew, Co. E
Snyder, Andrew, Co. I
Snyder, Daniel, Co. K
Snyder, Jacob, Saddler, Co. C
Snyder, Jacob W., Co. M
Snyder, Jesse, Co. I
Snyder, John R., Co. M
Snyder, Landon C., Co. I
Snyder, Landon, Co. F
Snyder, Landon, Co. I
South, David E., Co. F
South, George W., Co. F
Souther, Henry, Co. I
Sparks, James M., Co. C
Sparks, Whitfield M., Corp., Co. C
Spivy, James M., Co. K
Spivy, William, Co. K
Stacy, Barzilla P., Capt., Co. F
Stacy, Barzillia P., Lt. Col., F&S
Stafford, George, Corp., Co. M
Stannels, Richard N., Co. G
Stansberry, Solomon, Co. K
Stansbury, William F., Sgt., Co. H
Stepp, Lewis, Corp., Co. K
Stone, James M., Co. F
Stone, Reese B., 1st Sgt., Co. A
Stone, William, Corp., Co. F
Story, Jesse, Co. E
Story, William, Co. E
Stout, Andrew T., Co. G
Stout, Daniel, Co. M
Stout, Granville W., Co. G
Stout, Jacob M., Co. M
Stout, Lawson E., Co. F
Stout, Smith M., Corp., Co. D
Stout, William E., Co. D
Stover, Isaac N., Co. H
Street, Stephen, Sgt., Co. B
Street, William, Co. B
Stuffelstrut, James, Co. A
Stuffelstrut, John M, Co. I
Stufflestrut, George, Co. F
Stufflestrut, John, Co. M
Styles, Samuel H., Co. K
Stype, Horace, Co. K
Suffield, John, Co. D
Suttles, Tillman, Co. B
Swanner, James R., Co. A
Swofford, James, Co. C
Talent, Benjamin, Co. H
Talent, Jesse, Co. H
Taylor, Alfred D., Co. H
Taylor, Alvin, Co. B
Taylor, Eli C., Co. G
Taylor, General, Co. B
Taylor, Isaac A., Capt., Co. B
Taylor, Isaac A., 1st Lt., Co. L
Taylor, Jacob, 2nd Lt., Co. F
Taylor, Jeremiah, Co. H
Taylor, John W., Co. B
Taylor, Michael, Co. B
Taylor, Michael, Co. B
Taylor, Thomas, Co. F
Taylor, William B., Co. H
Taylor, William, Cook, Co. H
Teag, William, Co. L
Tester, Elkana, Co. F
Tester, Henry W., Corp., Co. C
Tester, James J., Co. F
Tester, Richard R., Corp., Co. F
Tester, Robert D., Co. D
Thomas, William, Co. I
Thompson, Henry H., Co. E
Thompson, Samuel, Corp., Co. H
Tice, William, Co. I
Tichie, Alvin P., Co. F
Tipton, John W., Corp., Co. H
Toney, Jesse, Co. D
Toney, John, Co. D
Townsel, John G., Co. C
Treadway, Rufus, Co. H
Treadway, William, Co. H
Tribett, John, Co. E
Triplett, William H., Co. I
Troutman, James, Co. B
Truman, William T., Co. G
Trusler, Lewis, Co. H
Turner, James, Co. H
Turner, John A., Co. G
Turner, Leander, Co. G
Turner, Solomon, Co. G
Turner, Solomon J., Co. L
Turner, William, blacksmith, Co. H
Twiggs, John, Co. H
Underwood, Reuben, Co. E
Vaight, Joseph L., C.S. Sgt., Co. M
Vance, Hugh, Co. C
Vance, John H., Co. C
Vance, William, Co. C
Vantassle, Charles M., Co. H
Vaughn, James E., Corp., Co. K
Vaughn, Joseph H., Co. I
Vaughn, Samuel, Co. B
Vaughn, William, Co. B
Venable, Lewis, Co. I
Venable, William L., Co. D
Vials, Richard, Co. K
Wadkins, William, Co. M
Wagner, Jacob P., Co. M
Wagner, Joseph, Co. G
Wagner, Joseph H., Co. E
Wagner, Joseph H., Major, F&S
Wagner, Noah, Co. M
Waitsell, Aldridge, Co. C
Walker, Bell, Cook, Co. I
Walker, Henry M., 1st Lt., Co. K
Walker, John, Co. I
Walker, John S., Co. G
Walker, Oliver, Co. G
Wallis, Elkana, Co. I
Wallis, Washington, Co. I
Wampler, George W., Co. I
Ward, Joseph, Co. C
Ward, William C., Co. F
Ward, William, Co. C
Warren, Campbell E., QM Sgt., Co. C
Warren, Cornelius, Corp., Co. I
Watkins, Andrew, Co. H
Watson, James, Co. D
Watson, William, Co. D
Watts, William, Co. K
Wealthy, James B., Co. M
Webb, Patterson H., Co. C
Weddle, Arnold E., Corp., Co. H
West, Hampton, Co. A
White, David W., Co. G
White, Franklin, Co. L
White, George, Co. L
White, James D., Co. M
White, James H., Co. G
White, Robert D., Co. F
White, Thomas C., 1st Lt., Co. G
Whitehead, David, Co. C
Whitehead, Granville W., Co. G
Whitehead, James, Co. C
Whitehead, Samuel, Co. C
Whitehead, Thomas, Co. C
Wiggins, Henry, Bugler, Co. B
Wilcox, Christopher C., Capt., Co. G
Wilcox, Christopher Columbus, Major, F&S
Wilcox, John M., 2nd Lt., Co. G
Wilcox, Robert B., Sgt., Co. G
Wiles, Leander, Co. E
Wilhite, James, Corp., Co. L
Wilkinson, William W., 2nd Lt., Co. D
Willen, Thomas, Co. E
Willett, Jacob, QM Sgt., Co. K
Williams, ______, Cook, Co. G
Williams, Alexander, Co. A
Williams, Alfred C., 2nd Lt., Co. F
Williams, Arthur A., Corp., Co. F
Williams, Hiram, Co. I
Williams, Joel H., RCS, F&S
Williams, Lewis, Co. H
Williams, Lorenza D., Co. F
Williams, Nathaniel K., Sgt., Co. H
Williams, Pleasant A., Co. A
Williams, William H., Co. K
Williams, William W., Co. A
Williford, James W., Co. F
Willis, William S., Co. I
Wills, Albert B., Sgt., Co. D
Wilson, Abraham, Co. D
Wilson, Alexander, Co. D
Wilson, Andrew, Co. D
Wilson, Andrew, Co. I
Wilson, Benjamin, Co. B
Wilson, Daniel C., Co. I
Wilson, David, Co. I
Wilson, George S., Co. D
Wilson, George W., Co. F
Wilson, James, Co. G
Wilson, James, Co. L
Wilson, John, Co. I
Wilson, Joseph B., Corp., Co. I
Wilson, Joseph, Corp., Co. I
Wilson, Landon C., Co. C
Wilson, Rice, Corp., Co. E
Wilson, Richard L., RQM, F&S
Wilson, William, Co. I
Wimpy, John W., Co. L
Winkler, William, Co. D
Wolf, Melvin C., Corp., Co. E
Woodby, Hezekiah, Co. B
Woodby, Jeremiah, Co. B
Woodfork, Aaron, Co. A
Woods, James, Co. A
Woods, Thomas, Co. H
Worley, James H., Sgt., Co. D
Worley, William H., Co. D
Wright, James, Co. K
Wright, John W., Co. B
Wyrick, Leander, Co. K
Wyrick, William G., Co. K
Yeatman, George A., Co. H
Yelton, Baronet, Corp., Co. E
York, Simeon, Co. K
Younce, Abraham, C.S. Sgt., Co. I
Younce, Elijah T. M., Co. G
Younce, Jacob, Sgt., Co. I
Younce, Solomon, Co. I
Young, Alfred, Cook, Co. M
Young, Merritt, Sgt., Co. C
Young, Strobridge, Co. C
Young, Wilson, Co. C